How It Works

We wanted to say thank you for being the wind beneath our wings. So we created a bomb rewards program that you would love. We thought about sending a sing-o-gram but figured you would like this better!

How to Earn Points


Earn points to level up and unlock deeper discounts, free product and even cash back.


M Beauty Neophyte


Everyone has to start somewhere. As a nyophyte taking those first steps has its rewards:

Sign up points

First purchase points

Points for spend

Unlock discounts on orders

Birthday points 


M Beauty Aficionado
750 Points


Alright now Boo,  you're an Aficianado now. We see you glowing with that Marla Rene, still earning those Neophyte bonuses but now...

Unlock deeper discounts

Points for sharing love on IG/FB/TikTok

Points for video testimonials

$75 Free Product Reward

Unlock Product Freebies


M Beauty Goddess
1500 Points


You Melanin Goddess you, a Marla Rene ride or die. You definitely deserve....

Invite to Exclusive Inner Circle Membership

5% Cash Back on purchases

3% Cash Back on referral purchases

2 Points for Every $1 Spent

Jump the Line order processing

Unlock even deeper discounts

Unlock exclusive free products


Ambassador Bonuses

Share to Earn Even More!

Earn Points For Every Friend Invite Sent

Earn Points for Every Order Friends Place

Earn Cash Back on $$$ Friends Spend

Earn Points For Social Shares

Earn Points For Product Review Videos

Earn Points For Journey Video

*bonuses may vary based on membership level


1How much does it cost to join?
It's FREE! Since the only way to earn points and redeem rewards is to join, it's a no brainer.
2What is an Ambassador?
A Marla Rene Ambassador is someone who not only loves using the products but is delighted to share the love with the world. As you're sharing your amazing results and inviting friends to shop with us, we want to reward you with even more points to unlock goodies and coins to help cover your personal beauty stash.
3How do I redeem my points?
Go to MyAccount and click on "Loyalty and Rewards" on left tool bar. Under "Rewards Overview" click the drop down for unlockable rewards. Click "unlock" button for the reward you want to use. It will be waiting for you to click on to add when you get to your cart.
4Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?
While there are few earning ways that limit the frequency in which you can earn (rest period), you can earn as many points as your heart desires.
5How do I level up?
Every point you earn gets you closer to your next level. No worries about redeeming them along the way, we keep track of your total earned points. Once you reach the next level point requirement, next level rewards will automatically appear in MyAccount.
6How many times can my reward coupon be used.
The beauty of our program is you can unlock the same reward multiple times as long as you have the points. Once you unlock the coupon, that coupon can only be used once and you'll have 14 days to use it or you lose the points used to unlock it. So, don't unlock it until you're ready to grab that reward.
7When can I use my unlocked reward?
You can use your reward coupon when you're making purchases to get extra discounts or add freebies to your order.
8Can I use multiple unlocked coupons on a single order?
You are limited to using one unlocked reward per order. However, unlocked rewards can be used during site wide sales allowing for extra discounts & freebies.
9How do I use MyWallet?
Your wallet balance is available in MyAccount and at checkout. Simply add dollars like cash at checkout. Limits will apply.
10How do I invite friends?
Log into MyAccount and click on "Loyalty and Rewards" on left tool bar. Scroll down to "Email Sponsorship" and enter your friend(s) emails and hit submit. We'll automatically send them the invite to create their account. You can also copy the link under "Sponsorship Link" and share.
11Do my points ever expire?
Points expire every 9 months. No worries, your oldest points are used when you redeem. Plus, we'll send you reminders when points are getting close to expiring.
Marla Rene MBeauty Loyalty & Rewards program is subject to change. Please review terms & conditions for updates.